Tuesday, March 26, 2019

What It Means to Be an Insurance Agency Owner

Christopher Lowell Jackson image

While working as an Allstate Insurance agency owner, Christopher Lowell Jackson was named to the 2016 Bulldog 100 Awards. Also, Christopher Lowell Jackson and his agency received a number of awards from Allstate Insurance, among them being named a premier insurance agency from 2007 to 2015.

To own an insurance agency is to go beyond just being an insurance agent. It offers higher levels of opportunities. Income opportunities are greater, especially when backed with highly reputable insurance products.

At Allstate Insurance, agency owners do not have to pay franchise fees. However, a minimum $100,000 of available capital is required, which will be used as direct investment to grow the business. Agency owners earn through commissions along with incentives for performance beyond what is expected.

Selling insurance policies can be a lucrative business, since the demand for such products grows higher each year. Its income potential is reasonably secure, since a commission is earned each time an insurance policy is renewed.

Last, since the agency owner possesses the economic interest of the business, he or she can build a lasting legacy - one that can be passed on to his or her children.