Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Allstate Provides Extensive Support for Agency Owners

Business Owner
Image: pexels.com
Christopher Lowell Jackson has operated an Allstate insurance agency in Greensboro, Georgia since 2004. A winner of Allstate awards that include the Agency of the Year and Agency Achievement Award, Christopher Lowell Jackson also recorded a training video for new agency owners on best practices in the business.

Allstate agency owners enjoy an economic interest in one of the most recognized brands in America. To help owners maximize their earning potential and earn a great compensation, Allstate provides perks that include a base commission, a constant revenue from renewal commissions, bonuses, and the opportunity to diversity locations. 

Allstate also provides ongoing education and support to agency owners that include access to product information, sales techniques, professional branding, and productivity assistance. The organization also provides each agency owner with a dedicated business consultant in addition to 24/7 hour access to a support team of claims professionals and customer service representatives. Finally, agency owners enjoy the support of Allstate’s national advertising initiatives and local marketing materials such as brochures and mailers. 

For additional information on Allstate agency owners, visit www.allstate.com.